A Specialized Practice

The Law Offices of Shawn E. Caine represent individuals, businesses, ranching and farming operations, and national insurance companies in complex litigation, business matters, and transactions. While offering an extensive range of legal services, the core practice areas are a unique mix of wildland fire litigation, catastrophic loss, business disputes and transactions.

Shawn E. Caine is well recognized for successfully managing and leading some of the most visible and wide-ranging catastrophic wildland fire litigation cases of the past three decades. Prior to 2017 Shawn recovered over $1.2 billion in cases where he acted as a leader and court appointed co-liaison counsel. Most recently in 2017, he has been involved in the successful resolution of cases involving hundreds of millions of dollars in damages, and also initiated actions for the recent wildfires in Kansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Washington. In 2016 alone, Shawn was directly engaged as co-liasion counsel or active lawyer in the resolution of over $25 million in wildfire cases in California and Texas. Shawn has also negotiated and litigated high stakes business and real estate transactions for agricultural and ranching businesses and their owners. Additionally, he is experienced in personal injury, wrongful death and property loss cases.


Dedicated to Clients

Shawn is dedicated to his clients and demonstrates his commitment through good communication and exceptional service. He provides a more personal level of service than large law firms, and is more responsive and cost-effective. Long-term clients have worked with Shawn decade after decade, and a steady stream of referrals sustains the firm’s growth. Cases are pursued with balance, experience, insight, and an expectation of positive results. Clients respond with trust, confidence, and respect, knowing Shawn desires more than anything to help them achieve their personal and business goals through effective counsel, sound strategies, and extraordinary legal practice.

Shawn E. Caine, A.P.C.